Saturday, August 30, 2008

Have You Made Someone's Day?

Now you can tell us all about it here:

It's EtsyPatrons "Have You Made Someone's Day" thread in the Etsy forums, allowing those who have purchased from great new Etsians to share their finds and for new sellers to let us know how wonderful it is to make their first few sales! Come join us, it's going on now!


The Pretty Peacock said...

This is such a great idea! I love helping to promote other artists - especially on Etsy!! Bravo to you...going to link you to my own blog right now!!

beachyrustica said...

Thank you! You have a wonderful blog!

Kandes Lee said...

This idea is wonderful ... I went to your link and selected someone with zero sales to buy from. I know how zeros sales feels. I was there a long time. Now I am at one!

Thank you for linking to me in your "favorite new artists". I was so surprised when I saw my bracelet in the mini!!! I was just browsing the team blogs and there it was. :o)

beachyrustica said...

Hi kandes, you're welcome... it's a beautiful bracelet and I have the feeling it will be popping up a few more places before we're done!

Thanks for making someone's day!