Saturday, August 30, 2008

Have You Made Someone's Day?

Now you can tell us all about it here:

It's EtsyPatrons "Have You Made Someone's Day" thread in the Etsy forums, allowing those who have purchased from great new Etsians to share their finds and for new sellers to let us know how wonderful it is to make their first few sales! Come join us, it's going on now!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Undiscovereds Have the Blues!

And we'd like to help cheer them up with a new EtsyPatrons treasury courtesy of VintageEmbellishment! The new treasury, titled "Some Discovered Have the Blues" can be seen in its full glory for the next few days here:
So come view, click, and enjoy the work of these new Undiscovered Etsians!
In addition, our "Have You Made Someone's Day?" thread is currently in progress at the link below, so if you see something you absolutely can't live without and decide to make a purchase, you can tell us all about it there!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

EtsyPatrons Host Buyers' Discussion Thread in Etsy Forum

Several discussions have popped up lately involving the role of Etsy buyers within the Etsy community. Some were feeling they had no voice and were generally ignored when they did comment.

So by popular demand, EtsyPatrons is hosting Customer's Cafe Buyer's Discussion here:

This thread is will allow Etsy buyers to discuss issues important to them, and to be heard without being drowned out by the sellers perspective. If you'd like to discuss Etsy issues from a buyer's point of view, please stop by!