Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Undiscovereds Have the Blues!

And we'd like to help cheer them up with a new EtsyPatrons treasury courtesy of VintageEmbellishment! The new treasury, titled "Some Discovered Have the Blues" can be seen in its full glory for the next few days here:
So come view, click, and enjoy the work of these new Undiscovered Etsians!
In addition, our "Have You Made Someone's Day?" thread is currently in progress at the link below, so if you see something you absolutely can't live without and decide to make a purchase, you can tell us all about it there!


ourgreatgreenglobe said...

love that bluebonnet hat!

Marian said...

I just read about this etsy team on Smidge! I thought it was quite interesting. Im not new on Etsy but I still haven't managed to make a sell there since I signed up in March I think. Elsewhere Im allright, but Etsy seems to be to big to notice me...or...who knows what the reason is.

is it too late or can one join>

I was going to say, the bluebonnet hat... awesome stuff!

Have a ncie weekend!

beachyrustica said...

Hi marian, we're a non-self promotional team (focused on buying), so to promote your shop, list it in our "Five Sales or Less" thread here: