Friday, June 27, 2008

A Big Week for Etsy Patrons

It's been a big week for Etsy Patrons. We had a lot of success with our weekly "Make Someone's Day" thread, where we discovered dozens of new shops and celebrated their first sales. Phippsart, the originator of "Make Someone's Day", opened the thread up this week to shops with under five sales. So it was fun, and a little more challenging, to discover shops trying to get over the hump of their first few sales. Below are a few Undiscovered artists from "Make Someone's Day".

We started our team thread in the Teams section of Etsy, called Etsy Patrons - Let's Go Shop! It's located here: and it will be the forum home of Etsy Patrons, where we will discuss the purchases we've made, the great shops we've found, and our experiences as Patrons of Etsy.

We have a number of new members this week, as we introduce the idea of buyers as Team members... all of our new members this week are "buyers-only" and we look forward to their perspective on our mission of promoting Etsy artists.


Nature Manipulated said...

Great idea! I tried having a weekly interactive post on my blog - "Newbies Ask their Questions" but it doed down too much.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

This is such a great idea for a team... I have added your team link at as requested.

Sara x

Bonghi Vestiti said...

So happy to be a member of this great new team! :)

beachyrustica said...

Thanks, sara!