Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are You an Etsy Buyer in Search of a Team?

As an Etsy buyer, do you often feel like you're on the outside looking in? Last night in the forum, the subject of Etsy Teams came up. And I couldn't help but wonder... are there Teams that welcome buyers as well as sellers? The discussion that followed is here:

There are many different Etsy Teams (often called "Street Teams" because they were started with the idea of getting local Etsians together), the list is here:

Being on a Team can be great fun. It gives you the opportunity to connect with other Etsians who share your interests and join in common goals to promote your particular art, craft or location.

So if you're a "buyer-only", consider getting more involved and join a Team. Etsy Patrons encourages buyers to join (we are here: ), and if the discussion above is any indication, many other Teams would as well. Hopefully Etsy will soon mark the Teams on the Teams Profile page to indicate which accepts "buyers-only", but in the meantime if you see one that interests you, send a convo to the Team leader. Chances are, they'd love to have you!


Rachelle's Jewelry Box said...

I think Etsy buyers are as important as the sellers, because without them, we wouldnt be around anyway. So I'm all for them being more involved.


Koddy said...

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