Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Handmade Column Debut

For those interested in the handmade movement, I'll be writing a new column at devoted to helping buyers navigate the online world of handmade goods. The column archive can be found at

The bi-weekly column, Why Handmade, will explore the major handmade venues from a buyer's perspective, how to connect with artists and artists' groups, the great possibilities of custom work and how to order it, meeting up with other buyers who have a particular interest in a particular type of work, how to deal with any problems that arise with an order, navigating the feedback systems of the various venues, how to introduce others to handmade and more.

The debut installment is an introduction to handmade, titled "How You Spend Matters: The Case for Buying Handmade" and discusses the impact you can have as a patron of handmade artisans. It can be found here:

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Fabulous Pants said...

This sound wonderful! There is so much help out there for people who want to sell, but very little for people who want to buy. I know that buying on line can be intimidating for many people, and I am sure you will help them to navigate around this new and vibrant marketplace!