Friday, July 18, 2008

Make Someone's Day!

"Remember YOUR first sale and how GREAT it felt? Chances are you did a victory dance and told your family or a close friend the great news. You were on a high the rest of the day! You have the power to help someone else feel that! The challenge is this: Find a shop where someone has had no sales or a shop that has not had a sale in awhile. Buy an item you like and you've just made their day!"

These are the words that kicked off EtsyPatrons latest Make Someone's Day event here:

Conceived by our Team Member Phippsart, and kept alive by our Make Someone's Day Director TheDaintyDragonfly, Make Someone's Day is a chance to get a great handmade work and really have an impact on someone's fledgling business at the same time. Please come join us this weekend and help us Make Someone's Day!
Check out the accompanying Undiscovered Treasury titled "A Prince in A Flower Garden" by VintageEmbellishment here:

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